Monday, December 5, 2011

A golem's lament

I’m ashamed of this corrosion
the rust in my gears
that came about from standing
out in this icy drizzle
too long. Too stubborn

to drag my sorry, welded ass
inside, too melancholy
to think the mechanical effort
was worth it. And now

here you are, all springing step
and bright sunshine
and I can only
mournfully creak along
behind you.

Rachel Westfall
December 5, 2011

In tandem with Christopher


christopher said...

Caring For Golems

I lubed your kindly
welded frame there, there, and there,
(again next Tuesday)
and took your steel heart
with the rest of you clanking
along down the stairs
a shiny Pooh bear.

I set you in the corner.
I promised I would.
Then I took the shroud
and covered the mess I made
spilling all that oil.

Kat Mortensen said...

"And now

here you are, all springing step
and bright sunshine"

I love these lines - they turn the poem around, and then you turn them back again.

(If you're creaky, how do you think I feel?)

Rachel Westfall said...

Christopher, I like the very end of your poem best. It's sweet and touching, as if you're one of the few people who would realise that golems have feelings too, and wouldn't want to sully the rug.

Kat-- thanks!

Scrappy Wolf said...

Golems - are artificial creatures - &
how can they have feelings? With a very strong imagination, anything can come to life...

Interesting poem. x's

Rachel Westfall said...

Wolves are natural creatures. They have feelings, and they have hearts, too. To stand as a wolf is to stand as a creature with a huge heart, or you could never do it justice.