Friday, March 23, 2012

Out with the trash

I’m on the curb watching
the swallows dive and dart through
the cul-de-sac, a suburban legend:

This is where dreams die.

Bag it up, and gruff men
will come whisk it away, sanitary,
in the heat of the day

unseen but for a slight shift
of a lace curtain, a dusty shroud
for a shadowed picture window.

Rachel Westfall
March 23, 2012


Rob-bear said...

The thought of garbage
is appetizing for a Bear
just coming out of hibernation.

Cheap food. Easy to find.
Doesn't have to hunted,
chased, perhaps missed.

Do dreams die in cul-de-sacs?
As insubstantial as the swoops of swallows?
Or do the swallows
in the gaiety of feeding,
know the joy we would have
if we learned
to dream

Rachel Westfall said...

Bear is out of hibernation. The long winter must be ending at last. And bear is in top form!

christopher said...

hmmm..I see I haven't been keeping up!

It's Cold Out Here

You've thrown me right out.
It's trash day. You said you would.
Your raven bright eyes
cold beneath the glow
of your coal black shade frozen
on the wall I built
tell me how you stand
no matter what I might try
at this stage of things.

Maybe tomorrow.

RachelW said...

Christopher! There you are.

S.L. Corsua said...

I like the line "unseen but for a slight shift of a lace curtain" especially in relation to "this is where dreams die." Sometimes it happens, not by force, but by stealth.

Hi, Rachel. Nice to see and read you again. :) I hope you are well.

Rachel Westfall said...

Hi, S.L.! It is good to hear from you again. Are you publishing again now? I will have to visit your blog and see!

Anonymous said...

You inspired me!

Trash Day

she let's the curtain fall
shuffling back
to the recliner
worn and dusty
both she
and the chair
waiting for someone
to change her view
tuesdays are best
the cans line
the narrow street
the poor come to
find the good stuff
the men come
to take it all away
she can pretend
they came to see her
and wave at them
as they pass out of sight
and the curtain falls

Rachel Westfall said...

Awesome, Jorc! It's great to see you!