Monday, May 28, 2012

Bird brain

Swallow said,
as she darted by
on a subtle wing,

But Grosbeak told me,
seed tucked securely in her left cheek,
eye glinting just a little
with mischief:
Just watch.

Watch the wind swirl and draw dust
down, throwing grit in your eyes. Watch the needles
laugh their way off spindly limbs, a dance
and a shudder until they all
come raining down.

And so I watch.

Rachel Westfall
May 28, 2012


Rob-bear said...

The needles swirl, the rain falls,
the dust is everywhere, and nowhere;
the snow flows and curls
and comes in the cracks
around the window,
or under the door,
or between feeling and reason.

Grosbeak was right,
look, watch, observe.
See all that you can see.

for Swallow,

Rachel Westfall said...

Rob-bear, that is a perfectly wonderful complement to my poem. Bravo!

christopher said...


That fellow sat high
on the wire, giving us songs
magical, succinct,
so many bright themes,
I found my own wide white wings
and the waking light
shone 'round your ringlets,
a holy golden array
as sweet as roses -
song sweet as roses
lifting me, turning me to
meet him eye to eye.

Rachel Westfall said...

Christopher! I finally get around to writing a poem, and look what happens. :) I love this!

Rob-bear said...

I have an invitation for you, but not to appear on your blog.

Could you pls. send e your e-mail address? Thnx.

~ Bear

Rachel Westfall said...

Hi Bear, certainly! It's westfall dot rachel at gmail dot com.

Rob-bear said...

As you walk
by the light of the waxing moon
you may hear
the haunting call of a loon
or the chatter
of a perturbed racoon.

Hope you are walking well!

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Rachel Westfall said...

Thank you, bear! Life is keeping me away from writing. I will be back before berry season is over, i promise! I miss reading my friends' blogs, too.

Rob-bear said...

It's awful, isn't it, when life interferes with blogging! Hope to see you, soon.