Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The demon in stripes

The demon in stripes
has run amok, flashing teeth
and slashing tail, rending flesh
and mounting screams
with full abandon.

In his wake, a girl cries,
wrist stitched and arm gored
for she was not
his intended victim.

The demon only strikes 
in mischief or revenge,
but sometimes,
his teeth slip.

Now he returns, sated,
to a purring, nestled ball
in a warm and sacred enclose
of dappled sunshine.

Rachel Westfall
July 11, 2012


Rob-bear said...

"Tiger, tiger, burning bright"
no friend of mine,
or small,
scarred, scared,

Mind your manners
lest you be
from the sunlit warmth
to the outer, utter,

Rachel Westfall said...

Very nice, Bear!

christopher said...

A Daunting Task

The fairy ships leave
port after the slaying's done
and the beast excised,
toothless and shrunken
while the latest accident,
the slip of a girl,
bleeds out slow, lain flat
and still on the stony beach
below the old town.

It took twenty-two
of the wee folk to sever
the monster's hot throat.

Rachel Westfall said...

I'm so glad you are back, Christopher! I've missed you.