Friday, July 6, 2012


Wait for it

The pounding, screaming of the ship's wake
through cavities of stone, sinuses riven
into bone
clefts of granite
pores of marrow shrieking
under pressure of the song.

Wait for it

Through the hush
through the silence that lies, 
lies agonized over its truthlessness at the crippled, seething
heart of the storm.

Rachel Westfall
July 6, 2012


christopher said...


You let it all loose. And just when I wasn't looking :D

I've gone rather quiet lately.

Rob-bear said...

A marvellous poetic eruption! Nor sure I comprehend the images in this poem, but they intrigue me. Enough to delve further.

Btw, this is the fourth time I have tried to reply to your poem. I'm having a great deal of difficult proving that I am a Bear and not a robot! So very frustrating. If I keep having this problem, I'll probably have to quit writing to you, since you don't put up and e-mail address.

Rachel Westfall said...

Christopher, I've missed you!

Bear, I'm afraid I can't take the Captcha off. Last time I did, the spam-bots had a field day. So please don't give up! However, you do have my email address! I'm pretty sure you have emailed me before.

christopher said...

Rachel, amen to your complaint about the bots. I don't know why some of us have the affliction but not all of us. It must be nice to be free of the bots...