Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm so mad there's a dog
barking and slavering inside me.

Mad as a hatter
Mad as a lunatic
Roaring mad as Smaug after someone stole his pots.

I'm so mad the kids have run and hid
the cats are all wary
and even the Jehova's Witnesses
are staying away.

But they might have marked my door.

In the honour of all
who I've chased away,

Let me name this tantrum.

I think I shall call her
Tropical storm Jezebel.

And all shall tremble in her wake.

Rachel Westfall
July 5, 2012


Rachel Westfall said...

Wow, this font is hyperactive! I wonder why it's different every time I post remotely.

devilsivy said...

Maybe it reads the mood of your words.

Rachel Westfall said...

It's so good to see you in blogger world again, my friend!

devilsivy said...

Your poems remind me what I've been missing here. :)

erin said...

rachel, but such storms are so alive!


Rachel Westfall said...

C, I hope this means you will be writing, too.
Erin, yes they are!

devilsivy said...

Miles and miles of prose, so far. When my free time evaporates maybe the words will crystallize into poems.

Rob-bear said...

Poor Jezebel

Her life invaded
by morbid,
Thus messing up
the experiences
of many others.


the next time
you give
your inner dog
a drink,
put ice cubes in
her water

Rachel Westfall said...

Ahh, a song from Bear!