Friday, September 14, 2012

A bad day

Swollen mushrooms, white caps
are sliced murderously by a swinging, errant cleaver. The butcher

is angry again, fought with his wife again, was mocked
by a gaggle of rowdy kids, street urchins
all laughing, skinny, basted
with greasy dust. 

Caps severed, gills fly
helplessly in the wake of slamming steel, spores
drifting voiceless through
the sterile vacuum 
of the butcher's stolid kitchen.

Rachel Westfall
September 14, 2012


Miko - Biko said...

Be Happy! Have A Lovely Day!

christopher said...

Woah! Here's how to do anger all right. The butcher did it! Makes me think of Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York.

The Butcher's Temper

I'm glad you don't know
what happens when I'm all steamed,
those shit things you say
to me as if it
was my fault we're in this soup.
If you knew how I
sever you, take your
fingers off and your poor toes
one by one, careful
to stop the bleeding
you would be glad I just hack
the mushrooms and meat.