Monday, November 23, 2015

Announcing: A Trail of Dreams

A Trail of Dreams

My daughter and I just published our second Sasquatch Tale. Please check it out!


Rob-bear said...

So that's why we haven't been seeing your poetry as often.

Blessings and Bear hugs to you and your daughter.

Rachel Westfall said...

It's one of ny excuses. My other excuse is my new baby daughter. Thank you, Rob-Bear!

christopher said...

Rachel, what a lovely way to mentor your daughter.

Ursula, what an amazing talent and honor to your Mom that you have the patience and intensity required for this work. I hope you find it possible to continue. There are other mother daughter writers out there so you are in no way totally unique. I have been fond of your mother for years. This deal puts my affection quite over the top. I thought it a good thing back when your first work was published and that it has happened a second time complete with a fast forward in time is amazing. My mother wrote a self published novel and as Rachel well knows I have a couple thousand poems by now. So I am no stranger to the work. Be well.

Rachel Westfall said...

Thank you, Christopher! I will share your comment with Ursula.